About Me!


My name is Megan Jenkins and I am the owner, creator and backbone behind Dames & Fellow! I am the wife of a wonderful husband, Michael and a mother to 4 beautiful blessings (Bethany, Jeremy, Benjamin and Adalynn!)

I started my shop after having my youngest, Adalynn. Her extended stay in the NICU after her birth made things difficult for us. I left my very lucrative career in insurance to come home to my children. We hit a terrible financial place and lost everything. 


I had to come up with some kind of plan to help my family get out of the hole and just be able to breathe... I had NO sewing ability (lol right?) and no clue what I was really doing. But I had a desire. 

I have now been in business since 2014 and have sold WORLDWIDE! That's right! D&F is in Singapore, Australia, England, Guam, Turkey, Canada and all over the US! I have made over 2,000 sales all from a little dream, about $20 in material, a vintage roll top sewing machine and long, sleepless nights.

I want to thank every person who has purchased from me and helped to support my dream of just being a mom. I didn't start this to "blow up", but to help us get by in this journey called life. I have gone much farther than I ever thought I would have because of you. So thank you.